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Refurbished IT equipment delivers up to 70% savings and enhanced performance. 

In good economic times or when times are tough. The strategy of purchasing used IT equipment still computes. 

Small and large businesses everywhere are facing strong economic pressures in today’s climate of reduced sales and high operating costs. To add to these pressures, there is still a continuous need to update systems to keep pace with new applications, increased users, increasing Internet traffic and general business demands. One of the most effective ways businesses have coped with these economic pressures is by purchasing refurbished servers, storage and networking equipment. It is a growing practice that saves money and reduces equipment acquisition time while providing more performance for the same dollars invested in new equipment. 

Bytek is proud to provide refurbished Cisco, Brocade, Extreme, F5 Networks, Foundry, Juniper, and QLogic networking at substantial savings to our customers. All are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Other reason to buy refurbished IT equipment: 

Reliability – Most refurbished equipment is only about two to three years old, and there has been time to have all the bugs worked out of it. Experience has shown that when properly cleaned, tested and reconfigured, refurbished equipment is just as reliable as new equipment. In fact, the best refurbishing companies offer warranties that rival or exceed the original manufacturers. 

Performance – Due to cost savings, users are usually able to purchase better equipment than they otherwise would be able to afford. Most refurbished equipment comes with its original software and Certificate of Authenticity. In addition, savings on equipment can free up budget to purchase higher-grade software for other applications.

Availability – There is a large pool of like-new refurbished equipment readily available in many markets around the country. When you order equipment, it is usually available immediately. When purchased new, most servers and other equipment have to be built, which can delay implementation of a project.