IBM 8202-E4B Power7 iSeries System

IBM iSeries AS400 Power7 8202-E4B 720

IBM 8202-E4B iSeries Power7 Model 720 systems are configured to your specifications. Choose your desired OS version release and IBM licensed programs. Bytek supplies IBM 8202-E4B Power7 iSeries disk drives, iSeries memory and other features. Provide Bytek with your iSeries 8202-E4B system or upgrade requirements and we will send you pricing.

The 8202-E4B Power7 Model 720 Processors include:

  • 8202-E4B-8350: 5900-23800 CPW, P05, Power7 4-Core Processor, 16MB Cache
  • 8202-E4B-8351: 5900-33050 CPW, P10, Power7 6-Core Processor, 24MB Cache
  • 8202-E4B-8352: 5900-46300 CPW, P10, Power7 8-Core Processor, 32MB Cache

All IBM iSeries systems and parts include warranty, free technical support, are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM i Maintenance Contracts. IBM Banding can also be provided upon request. Contact Us Today!